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    Woman In Pool


    This is really nice. I don’t generally care about straight illustration, nor go through the effort of writing about it, but this artist manages to build form with ultra-simple execution in a very impressive way; just two colors and the same line action at every point in the piece. They also manage to establish ground with just a few ripple lines and balance the composition with what appears to be a bank or shore.

    There are some space issues, The supporting ground on the right side is really leaping forward, past the figure form. Perhaps some slight shading or just one more set of establishing line work could resolve where this sits in space.

    Also, can we stop signing our illustrations? Post a link, OP. Good work is better if you don’t remove me from the composition with your signature.

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    Why are human faces so unique?

    What’s in a face? The amazing variety of human faces — far greater than that of most other animals — is the result of evolutionary pressure to make each of us unique and easily recognizable, according to a new study out of UC Berkeley.

    Behavioral ecologist Michael J. Sheehan explains that our highly visual social interactions are almost certainly the driver of this evolutionary trend. Many animals use smell or vocalization to identify individuals, making distinctive facial features unimportant, especially for animals that roam after dark, he said. But humans are different.

    In the study, Sheehan and coauthor Michael Nachman asked, “Are traits such as distance between the eyes or width of the nose variable just by chance, or has there been evolutionary selection to be more variable than they would be otherwise; more distinctive and more unique?”

    As predicted, the researchers found that facial traits are much more variable than other bodily traits, such as the length of the hand, and that facial traits are independent of other facial traits, unlike most body measures. People with longer arms, for example, typically have longer legs, while people with wider noses or widely spaced eyes don’t have longer noses. Both findings suggest that facial variation has been enhanced through evolution.

    “Genetic variation tends to be weeded out by natural selection in the case of traits that are essential to survival,” Nachman said. “Here it is the opposite; selection is maintaining variation. All of this is consistent with the idea that there has been selection for variation to facilitate recognition of individuals.”

    Human faces are so variable because we evolved to look unique

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    I feel this is important


    If you love to read and you want to blog about it, DO IT. Don’t worry about how many people are following you, or how many books you’re reading, if you post a review for a book or not, if you buy books this month or not. We’re supposed to do this for fun and to relax. We’re supposed to do it for ourselves.

    Or draw, or hike, or watch movies, or write movies, or swim, or build things, or run, or skip, or fuck, or headstand, or drink, or hail Satan, or jump rope, or literally anything.

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    Will it ever turn out that this was all just a dream of a boy with a sadly normal life, maybe as a form of subconscious escapism?


    No, never.

    Seriously, that is a hack twist and people should let the cliche die.

    And stop making those Calvin and Hobbes comics where he takes Ritalin and Hobbes turns into a stuffed animal.

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